Using your NoWcard

  • Please keep your NoWcard safe and in the wallet provided and avoid bending or damaging the pass, as this could prevent it from working properly.
  • When presenting your NoWcard to the smart card reader on the bus, please ensure that only your NoWcard in its wallet is placed on the reader.
  • Please don't put other cards on the wallet as they may interfere with the ticket machines.
  • You should present your NoWcard face up on the smart card reader so that the driver can see the photo.
  • If your pass is damaged or defaced you may be refused a concession and the full fare will become payable.
  • There is a fee for replacing lost or damaged NoWcards. 

How to order a replacement

On buses outside the NoWcard area there may be different ways of recording your journey, therefore you should show your pass to the driver.