Card won't read

If a pass is not valid, it may have been cancelled by the local authority.

If your card is not valid and blocked by the ticket machine - Contact NoWcard on 0300 123 6737, or call into an issuing office as soon as you are able, to arrange for a new pass to be issued.

Order a replacement online

Why your bus pass be blocked

There are four main reasons why a bus pass is blocked:

  • Because the pass was reported as lost or stolen and it was replaced.  Do you have the new replacement pass at home or in another bag or wallet?
  • Because the pass has been replaced by a more recent pass
  • Because you are no longer entitled to concessionary travel – you may not have provided suitable proof of your eligibility.
  • Because NoWCard wrote to you and the letter was returned by Royal Mail – have you changed address recently?

The driver has told me my pass is 'hotlisted'

  • Check to see if you have 2 or more passes.  The pass with the highest 18 digit number is the latest one and valid for travel.  Other passes should be returned to FREEPOST NOWCARD.
  • Order a replacement online or call the NoWcard Helpline 0300 123 6737 as soon as possible and they will order a replacement pass.
  • If you have changed address you will need to tell the Helpline staff and you will be requested to provide proof of your new address.

The driver has taken my NoWcard 

From 1st March 2018 the Council has requested drivers to take Hotlisted passes from users and return them to NoWcard to reduce the number of cancelled passes in circulation. 

You will need to pay if you wish to travel until you receive your replacement pass.

My bus pass is damaged but is not hotlisted

If your pass is damaged the driver is within his rights to keep the card and return it to NoWcard. You should replace your damaged card as soon as possible.

My bus pass does not read correctly on the bus but is not hotlisted

If your pass is not reading properly but is not Hotlisted and there is no physical damage you will need to request a replacement by calling the Helpline on 0300 123 6737.