Replace - not working

If your card won't read

If your card is physically damaged or defaced, you will need to purchase a replacement pass from your Unitary or County Council. 

How to pay for a replacement pass

Possible reasons your card won't read

Please note the local bus operators have no obligation to accept damaged or defaced passes and you will be required to pay the full fare for bus travel until you have a new bus pass.

We will replace your card free of charge if, after inspection, it is found to be undamaged. Click the following links for details on how to replace your pass.

Please keep details of the bus journey on which your card failed, you will be asked these details in order that ticket machine failure can be investigated. When you receive your new pass there will be an envelope enclosed for you to return the faulty pass.

We have had reports of passes not working in districts outside the NoWcard region, if your pass works in Lancashire and Cumbria but have had problems with it in other areas, there is nothing wrong with your pass. The problem is with the bus operators' ticket machines, in that they have not been updated with the new ITSO (Integrated Transport Smartcard Organisation) software. If you experience problems obtaining your concession outside the NoWcard region please complain directly to the bus operator concerned.

If your card has been hot listed and won't work

Your card may have been hot listed and electronically 'switched off' for the following reasons:

  • NoWcard have been notified that you have moved from the district shown on your card.
  • You have duplicate NoWcards.

The driver will retain your NoWcard and issue you with a slip as receipt. You will be required to pay full fare. You can call the NoWcard helpline if you think your card has been hot listed in error.

Your card is not valid for travel

If your concessionary travel bus pass was issued by authorities in Scotland or Wales you are not entitled to a concession on local bus services in England.