Cumbria Disabled 24/7

Cumbria County Council is introducing a new Travel Initiative to help disabled people access work and training. The initiative will enable those with a Disability NoWcard to travel for free before 9.30am for three specific purposes.   The money for this initiative is provided to help those with a disability who find themselves in financial hardship from the loss of concessionary travel when accessing work, training or day-care services.

Those who do not require travel to work, training or day-care services before 9:30am should keep their existing NoWcard or for new applicants apply for a regular diabled pass which will continue to offer free off peak travel on local bus services between 09:30 and 23:00 Monday to Friday, all day Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

To qualify you will need to fill out the application form identifying:

Proof of work – such as copy of a current payslip, a letter from your place of work confirming you work there or the name and address of your place of work with telephone number of someone we can contact. 


Name and address of your training establishment, including your course leader/tutor and their telephone number.


Name and address of your day care service facility, including its telephone number.

If you apply and qualify for free travel before 9.30am we will send you a 24/7 Disability NoWcard. The pass will be valid for up to a year it will expire in March. We will write to you before your card expires with details on how to renew if applicable.

Application form (PDF 208 KB)