Terms and conditions

Lancashire's AnyBus ticket terms and conditions of use

  1. Terms and Conditions of Use
    1. these terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) (together with any documents or other items referred to in them) tell you how you may use your AnyBus pass and products issued by Lancashire County Council and its operating partners  (“we” or “us”) when using bus services in the various areas the products are valid. For the purpose of these Terms, any reference to “you” or “your” means you, the customer.
    2. Please read these Terms carefully before purchasing your AnyBus product from us. By purchasing and using an AnyBus product you accept these Terms.
    3. These Terms were last updated in November 2023. We may amend these Terms from time to time by publishing any amendments or replacements to the Terms on our website: http://www.NoWcard.org/AnyBus, which shall replace all previous versions published by us.
  2. AnyBus scheme
    1. The AnyBus scheme is organised and operated by Lancashire County Council in partnership with participating operators in the various areas of use.
    2. To purchase any products you will first need to have an AnyBus ITSO smartcard.  These can be ordered via the website or collected from local transport offices. You do not have to register your card, there are benefits to registering your card should you lose it.
    3. The AnyBus products are valid on any local bus service listed in the scheme and on the website operating the in the area of each scheme.
    4. The AnyBus products are not valid on private hire services, school only services or special events buses
  3. There are two types of AnyBus cards
    1. Regular card
    2. U19 card, you will need to apply online for this card, submitting a photograph and proof of age.
  4. Types of products
    1. Daily products available from your bus driver to be uploaded to your card
    2. Weekly and 28 day products will be available from the website for both adult and U19
    3. 5 and 10 journey carnets for both adult and U19
    4. Group products
  5. Using AnyBus products
    1. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid product on your ITSO smartcard to make a journey.  Either by having a valid product on your AnyBus smartcard or intend purchasing one from the driver as you board the bus.
    2. Where You have a Product loaded to a smartcard You must scan this on the on-board smart reader when You board. Each time you board and alight a bus, it counts as a separate journey.
    3. Where You intend to activate a Product on-board it is Your responsibility to ensure that this feature is available on the service You will travel on and that You have purchased the Product at least 48-hours before You intend to activate it.
    4. All travel you make using an AnyBus product is subject to the bye-laws, regulations and individual conditions of each bus operator.
  6. Misuse
    1. AnyBus Smartcards, remain the property of Lancashire County Council at all times.
    2. You must not intentionally damage, alter or tamper with your AnyBus card in any way.
    3. We may withdraw your AnyBus smartcard, including refusing to accept the continued use of such AnyBus smartcard where it has, or we have reason to suspect that it has, been misused or used for any fraudulent or improper purpose.
    4. In serious or repeat cases of AnyBus smartcard misuse or fraud, we reserve the right to commence legal proceedings if we deem it necessary.
    5. Photographs and photocopies of AnyBus product, payment receipts or email confirmations of your purchase without the AnyBus smartcard shall not constitute a valid ticket for travel.
  7. Refunds
    1. Refunds will be considered for AnyBus products that have not been activated or still have remaining days of validity.
    2. No refunds can be given for one day tickets except in exceptional circumstances.
    3. Claims for refunds can only be handled by the ticket retailer that the ticket was purchased from.
    4. If the AnyBus ticket product has not been activated then a refund of the price paid less a £10 cancellation fee. If the AnyBus ticket product has been partly used then a refund of the balance between the cost of the ticket purchased and the equivalent tickets covering the period used will be given, less a £10 cancellation fee.
    5. Refunds will be made via the payment method used to buy the ticket.
    6. Requests for refunds will be dealt with within 28 days of receiving the request.
  8. Liability
    1. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in these Terms is correct, we cannot be held legally responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions in these Terms.
  9. Privacy Policy
    1. The personal data you provide us in relation to the AnyBus products and on the NoWcard Website is subject to our Privacy Policy. Please make sure you read our Privacy Policy so you understand how we process your personal data and our personal data practices.